Opinion makers can be dangerous

People must be free in interpreting any fact  objectively and franckly. No one should think in the place of the others. someone can just inform you but not decide for you your opinion. Everyone is free of thinking. The fact is no one can read your mind if you don’t reveal it. What is happening in my country is that some people are deciding the opinion of the others just because they belong to the same ethnic groups. Our politicians have become opinion leaders but they always lead astray poor illitrate population just to satisfy their own interests.

Before defending any opinion just take time to check the facts and the information. Don’t be influenced by any fact or social link. Be objective if you really want your country to change positively. Don’t rush in accepting what those leaders say, just be careful and always check before any reaction.

Politicians have divided communities and continue to create more hatred among us. So let’s be very careful if we love our dear country.


Ebola is killing people in Africa

The worst terror the world must face now is Ebola. More than 1200 people have died of Ebola the last months. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra-Leone are the most affected countries. People here are in majority illitrate. Some don’t trust the existence of the disease. But it’s real and it’s killing. Most countries are creating embargo against the affected countries closing their borders. that creates more terror than the disease itself. I think time is not to close borders but to give hands to fight and kick out this disease. We need more means and more actions to solve the problem. We need to create hope and confidence in those countries rather than frithening or terrifying peolpe. Ebola is a serious danger to human being it can exterminate a whole family in a few days. Fighting Ebola is saving human specy.